Thank you to all our session panelists for creating a wonderful new set of podcasts from the SfAA 2018 Philadelphia Annual Meetings this year! And thank you for all the support we received from the SfAA staff and UNT! Sessions are currently posted on the site, photos of panelist and supplementary material will be posted shortly. 

Also, check back to the site for an exciting new podcast series called HUNU: Anthropologists Getting Coffee at a Conference! 

Look forward to seeing you in Portland next year!

The SfAA Podcast Team



The #SfAA2017 podcasts are up! Thank you to the Sfaa Staff and UNT Anthropology Department for letting us do what we do! Also, thank you to all of our presenters who participated in The SfAA Podcast Project this year!

Also, we'd like to thank our audio professional, Randy, for all of the hard work he does during the conference so we are able to upload the #podcasts as quickly as possible!

See you all next year in Philly at #SfAA2018!

SEASON'S GREETINGS (and Teasers for Next Year)

Happy holidays, everyone!

The SfAA Annual Meeting in Santa Fe, NM is slowly approaching. If you haven't heard, the 2017 Preliminary Schedule is now live! You can get a sneak peak of who and what is being presented. You can get it here.

The team will be sending out our Annual Podcast Survey soon! Your input will influence which sessions we will record at Santa Fe. So check out that Preliminary Schedule. There are a lot of good stuff being presented!

Also, the SfAA Podcast Project is excited to announce our collaboration with the fantastic This Anthropological Life Podcast. We hope to share ideas for podcasting and our enthusiasm for making the anthropological discourse accessible for everyone. Like the SfAA Podcast Project, TAL is a student run podcast that regularly delivers fun and conversational episodes. Hosts Ryan, Adam, and Aneil discuss anthropology with a wide spectrum of guests within and across the discipline. Check out their latest episode about gift giving (topically appropriate for this holiday season). You can find This Anthropological Life on their website and Twitter.

Wishing you all a joyful and reflective holiday!


The SfAA Podcast Project Team

John, Jodi, Lindsey, Kenneth, & Andie

[December 23, 2016]


The SfAA Podcast Project is excited to celebrate its eleventh year of production. We are a student run branch of the SfAA community that delivers recorded sessions from the annual conference. We have over 150 audio-recorded sessions that are freely accessible to the public.

We will be preparing for the 2017 annual SfAA Conference, which will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico from March 28 to April 1, 2017. Expect more updates and featured sessions on our Facebook page, The SfAA Podcast Project, or follow us on Twitter @sfaapodcasts. If you have any questions, email us at 


See y’all in Santa Fe!

John Sarmiento, SfAA Podcast Project Chair

[August 2016]


An Interview with Our Founder

Previous Podcast Project Chair, Molly Shade, interviewed the founder of the Podcast Project, Jen Cardew Kersey. Listen to their conversation below!