A Brief History of the Podcast Project

The SfAA Podcast Project began from a small remark at the 2005 Annual Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Torn between coinciding sessions, then-student Jen Cardew Kersey was discussing with her now-husband, Tim, which panel she should attend. He asked the simple question, ¨Why not listen to one of them afterwards?¨ As Jen tells it, this was a ridiculous idea. Anthropologists in 2005 did not record sessions. Everyone knew that. 

Anthropologists in 2007, however, did. Jen rallied the support of a faculty advisor, Christina Wasson, and the SfAA Executive Director, Tom May (both of whom have been an integral component to the Project´s success since). The Podcast Project debuted at the 67th Annual Meeting, and has continued on for a decade. 

Since 2007, the Podcast Project has published over 150 podcasts, has touched 6 continents, and has experienced over 110,000 views. As we continue to grow and improve, we pay special tribute to Jen Cardew Kersey, Christina Wasson, Tom May, the many SfAA contributors, and to the 10 years of student volunteers who have made this project successful. 


Mission Statement

The SfAA Podcast Project is a student-led initiative to provide audio records of sessions from the Annual Meetings to the public, free of charge. We strive to include a broad range of interests from diverse perspectives with the intent of extending conversations throughout the years. Our ultimate goal is to make these dialogues accessible to a global audience.